Ask the Cake Decorator


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Is there an alternative to the Traditional Rich Fruit Cake?

I offer delicious alternative cakes from Fruitcake through to Vanilla sponge. View cake options and ideas at Your Cake.


Can I mix and match what types of cake I choose?

Yes. For example, for a 3-tier cake you could have the bottom tier Fruitcake, the middle tier Carrot Cake and the top tier Vanilla Sponge.


I have seen a two-tiered stacked cake I like, but I only have a small number of guests (requiring only one cake). Is there anything I can do?

I can incorporate a 'dummy' cake into the design to give you the style you desire.


I like the icing decoration from one cake but prefer the flowers from another. Can I incorporate both?

I offer you the flexibility to 'mix and match' between designs, allowing you to create your own unique cake for your special day.


What size of cake will I need to cater for our guests?

Tell me how many people you need to cater for and I will give you an idea of the size of cake that will be required.